Who Am I?



I’m a Doctor of Ayurveda, certified from California College of Ayurveda, a world leader in Ayurvedic education.  I’m also a certified yoga teacher and trained in Yoga Nidra.

I am proud to serve as a supervisor for the Ayurvedic Doctor interns for the California College of Ayurveda.

Before my career in Ayurveda and yoga, I’m a certified HR professional (PHR) and have worked as a HR professional for Fortune 100 companies.

 I’m a native of India. I have a master’s degree in Indian history from Delhi University, India. 

In my free time, I love relaxing in nature, yoga, reading and spending time with my husband and my two sons.


Why Did I Become A Doctor of ayurveda?

I want to bring wellness and healing to my community.  Touch as many lives I can and bring health.  I strongly believe that every body has a capacity to heal by providing optimal health environment that is, by eating the right diet and making the right lifestyle choices for their own body-mind constitution. When the body and mind are in harmony, normal physiology is restored, and healing takes place. I strongly believe in preventative health care because our health is our most valuable possession. I teach my clients the basic principles of Ayurveda, so that they become empowered to keep themselves healthy. 

What Is My Philosophy With Ayurveda?

My goal is of promoting wellness in my clients by educating them regarding their health, and treating the underlying root cause of their sickness - not just managing their disease symptoms. My entire treatment is customized to their own unique body-mind constitution. And my mission is to help my clients achieve optimal health through natural mind and body system.  I am committed to working with my clients at their own pace and helping them attain their optimal health goals.


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How Has Ayurveda Changed My Life?

I am very grateful that my life path has led me to Ayurveda and I love to share my passion for this amazing holistic medicine with others. As a service to my college, I am also a supervisor to Doctor of Ayurveda interns.