Patient, kind, gentle, great listener, Ranjana has the inherent talent to treat you with love and simple easy to follow suggestions. Her treatments are personalized to your current lifestyle, but leading you to a better one. Keep shining on Ranjana!”
— J.K.

Early in my treatment plan there were adjustments made to how I started the day with foods and drinks. Within one month my low grade discomfort in my digestive track went away. Until it went away, I didn’t even know that it was discomfort—I just was taking it all in stride. And since I started, I have slowly lost weight. I am very grateful for this help.
— E.P.

My son was going through a very tough time with his asthma even though the doctors call it as mild but it turned out to be almost every night he was coughing and he had tough time in sleeping. After consulting with Ranjana and with her treatment, we made changes to his diet as per her suggestion. We saw tremendous improvement within the first 3 weeks and he could sleep very well at night with absolutely no cough. It was a huge relief in our entire family and he is doing so great at night time with no cough. Thank you so much for helping my son.
— S.S.

I had a persistent bad dry cough for several months, I took many anti-bacterial treatments and none of them were working for me. Ranjana’s treatment worked like magic, and within a couple of weeks of working with her my cough was cured.
— C.V.

I have been attending your yoga classes for six months or more now. I have noticed an increased amount of flexibility and much less soreness in my back and knees. I thoroughly look forward, every Tuesday and Thursday, to attending your class. You are an awesome instructor and I have learned so so much from you. I simply love your yoga classes. I can’t thank you enough for enriching my life.
— R.S.

I always look forward to Ranjana’s yoga class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. She is an excellent teacher and is good for all levels. I have been attending for over a year and she keeps it varied and challenging. I consider it part of my wellness routine. Thank you Ranjana!
— D.F.

Believe It or not, Ranjana’s yoga class was the first yoga class I ever tried and I was one of the first students in her class. Having been suffering with serious lower back pain, I hesitated to try any yoga as I didn’t have the confidence that I would be able to practice it. Now more than a year later, I am a regular in her class and to my amazement, I hardly take any pain medicine for my back pain.It always feels like this yoga class is just tailored for me but I am sure that all my fellow yoga practitioners feel the same way because of the various types of gentle yoga stretches, Ranjana incorporates in to her classes.
— A.S.

After thinking and thinking, and you know the tremendously high numerical counts for thoughts rushing through our brains, I find that my life has been so profoundly impacted in a positive manner through your yoga class and knowledge of Ayurveda that I am at a loss for words.I have found quiet. Simple techniques that you have taught continue to bring daily happiness and long-term joy. Thank you, Ranjana.
— J.J.